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Some people just need to eat a bag of dicks.

We are moving house, so we are going to be closed for 2 weeks until 8th July, Amend that got horrible sick 🙁 don’t want to be near the dicks, will be back soon


sorry to be a pain but i don’t want to be dealing with orders untill then eat a dick

Luckily we can help! – This is our first product, as this site evolves we will add more fantastic products. These are legitimate yummy gummies! They comply with more food standards than we understand. HACCP, ISO, QS, FDA, BRC.

Send a bag to a Friend or to an Enemy even a FRenemy, or just a plain Dick.

It’s very simple we will send a bag of dicks in an unmarked courier bag to someone; anyone anonymously for you. Unless you want them to know who it’s from.

So you want to know about our dicks… You are in luck!

They come in a bag (duh!), and are in assorted colours. They are are 140gram net weight and contain quite a lot of dicks. They come wrapped in plastic (Like all dicks you don’t know should). As mentioned above they comply with more food standards than we understand. HACCP, ISO, QS, FDA, BRC.

You’re probably wondering what they taste like – fruity goodness of course, but don’t just take out word for it, we suggest you try it for yourself. We are pretty confident you’ll love having our dicks in your mouth.

I want to give someone a dicking!

Buy Now!


How long does delivery take?

We usually get the order out next day. They are overnighted with New Zealand Couriers.

When will i get track number?

Bagof tries to email them out around 1am from the email keep an eye out.

If there is a problem who can i contact?

Send us a email and i will try and get back to you same day.